Family Therapy

Family therapists view the family as a system that develops patterns of interaction among members. The patterns that develop can either support the health and wellbeing of its' members, or often unintentionally, have negative effects on one or more members. Relational therapy can help to identify the problematic patterns that play out and help restore the healthy functioning of family relationships. 

Relational therapy can be effective for a range of issues, including:

  • parenting and co-parenting

  • child and adolescent mental health 

  • grief and loss 

  • parent-child conflict

  • conflict between adult siblings or between adult children and their parents

  • adjusting to changes in family structure (separation/divorce, stepfamily transitions, relationships with in-laws)

  • navigating changing boundaries among family members

  • reconciliation after a cut off or rupture in the relationship between members

  • families affected by mental illness, addiction or trauma

We can support families who are at any point in the family life cycle, from families with young children and across the life span into older adulthood.  

Some ways that family therapy may be beneficial include:

  • de-escalating stressful interactions

  • identifying misperceptions and building awareness and understanding 

  • fostering a more secure attachment between members

  • teaching skills for healthy communication and regulating emotions

  • supporting healthy transition through times of change

  • emotional processing of difficult events or experiences

What to Expect: your therapist will consult with you to identify the presenting issue and who should attend the first session. The 'assessment phase' is typically 2-3 sessions and typically includes a conjoint session with family members, as well as individual meeting time with different members. This helps your therapist gain an understanding of the family's relationship functioning and each person's perspective and goal for therapy. 

Session Length & Cost: relational sessions are typically longer than individual sessions, with the typical session length ranging from 60 to 80 minutes. The cost for family sessions are $140 for 60 minutes, plus $20 for each additional 10 minutes.