Caroline Beattie

Associate Therapist, (she/her)

Master of Marriage & Family Therapy (MMFT)

Registered with Manitoba Blue Cross, SunLife & Medavie Blue Cross

Areas of Focus: couples & family therapy, separation and divorce, parenting and co-parenting, relationship loss, trauma & complex/developmental trauma, neurodivergence (ADHD, autism spectrum), depression and anxiety, grief and loss.

Primary Therapeutic Modalities: Emotions-Focused Therapy, somatic and experiential approaches, Internal Family Systems, narrative therapy, attachment theory, communication coaching.

Caroline Beattie
I am passionate about therapy, and I have always had a deep sense of compassion and curiosity for humanity, wellness, personal growth and healing. I value and respect both the 'art' and 'science' of therapy. An art cultivated within the connection I have with clients and throughout the present moment therapeutic process; and the science found within a strong theoretical/clinical foundation. I have seen these two elements weave together to provide safety, ignite hope and bring change. And, it is my role as therapist, to help co-create a safe and trusting space to support and evoke the client's potential as they harness their innate mind-body-spirit wisdom; as well as their own curiosity and capacity for acceptance, healing and growth.
Education, Qualifications & Experience

I have been working as a therapist since 2016 and hold a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy (MMFT). Prior to becoming a therapist, I worked for over 10 years in social services and community advocacy with a Combined Bachelor's Degree in Child & Youth Studies and Sociology. My professional experience has included supporting a diverse array of adults, couples, families, youth and children who come with a variety of presenting difficulties. I have advanced instruction within a variety of therapy models. I am registered with the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapists (AAMFT).

A Holistic and Integrated Approach

I approach the therapeutic process from a holistic lens, in which optimal wellness is not one dimensional. I take into account all aspects of the person, including their relationships and their contextual life stories. I utilize this holistic approach to help empower personal and interpersonal growth and capacity; by providing support that is person-centred, diversity & culturally responsive, trauma informed and anti-oppressive. Within this lens, I offer an integrative therapy approach that includes wisdom from a variety of theories and therapy methods. Some of these methods include: Systems (i.e. Structural, Bowen, Internal Family Systems), Somatic, Narrative, Self-Compassion, Emotionally-Focused, Solution-Focused, Cognitive Behavioural, Experiential and Attachment. I use this integrative style to inform and customize my approach toward the unique needs and goals of each person. In unison with a strong clinical foundation, I also respect that each person is the gatekeeper to their own process and, therefore, I adopt a non-knowing approach. I honour, accept and acknowledge the unknown - within life's experiences and within each individual story. I believe in the intrinsic capacity and wisdom of each client. I support healing and building resilience through evoking and strengthening external resources, and the internal resources that already exist within those individuals - navigating between unlearning old patterns, fostering compassion, growing awareness and establishing new patterns.

A Bit About Me

I am a woman, a family member, a friend, a spouse. I am a mum of two children. I honour my role as a parent and the many lessons we can learn in observation of and in interaction with our youth. I am an advocate for empowerment and the strengthening of our inherent being, or Self. To help others, I also participate in my own journey of continual healing and growth, by practicing a variety of somatic attunement, regulation, self-compassionate and wellness activities. I enjoy writing, connecting with others, spending time with my kids, walking in nature (with our family dog), playing piano, creative expression/design, travel, spirituality, breath work, yoga and other forms of movement. I'm also an imperfect human who does not know all the answers; makes many mistakes; gets stuck in old patterns; feels uncertainty, overwhelm and a mix of emotions; experiences dis-regulation in the body; has disagreements with my partner; buys books without reading them; regularly has a messy home and lounges in sweat-pants 'binge watching' a good (sometimes cheesy) Netflix series.

Co-creating with You is part of My Life's Purpose

Should you decide to work with me as your therapist, I welcome you. It is my hope and my objective to inspire you to create your own transformation - to help you heal from unresolved trauma/stress, and alleviate unnecessary suffering. I am committed to building a safe therapeutic relationship and providing you with an authentic, non-judgmental and compassionate presence; as well as a kind and gentle approach to feedback and conjecture. I consider it an honour to listen to your stories and witness and hold space for your emotional landscape, and to share in each healing journey. For this, I am grateful.


In-Person & Online

Mondays to Wednesdays: 9:30 AM to 4:15 PM

One evening per week (alternating Mondays & Thursdays)