Couples Therapy

We specialize in working with couples facing a wide range of issues. Couples therapy can be effective for couples who are: 

  • having difficulty communicating during conflicts.

  • caught in a "negative cycle" of reactivity to one another.

  • struggling with emotional or physical intimacy and want to regain their connection. 

  • have experienced a betrayal, breach of trust, or infidelity in their relationship.

  • having difficulty parenting or co-parenting together, or are navigating the transition to parenthood. 

  • seeking support in preparing for or adjusting to marriage or cohabitation. 

  • facing relationship strain due to a life transition, loss or external stressor. 

  • looking to sort through the difficult decision about whether to remain together or separate. Partners may be in different places, with one partner being committed and the other feeling unsure or ambivalent about the relationship.

At West End Therapy, we welcome all couples, including LGBTQIA2S+ couples and non-monogamous couples. 

Couples counselling sessions may incorporate: 

  • de-escalation of negative interactional patterns

  • in-session communications coaching

  • building skills to self-regulate and co-regulate difficult emotions

  • emotional processing of ruptures in the relationship

  • support to restructure the bond, building more secure attachment

  • building parenting skills

  • create a safe space to negotiate problem-areas and find solutions that work for both partners

What to Expect: In most cases, your therapist will meet with you as a couple and schedule an individual session with each partner. This helps your therapist gain an understanding of each partner's perspective and gather a clearer picture of the relationship functioning. Your therapist will then collaborate with you to establish therapeutic goals and initial focus of therapy. 

Session Length & Cost: Relational sessions are typically longer than individual sessions, with the typical session length ranging from 60 to 80 minutes. The cost for couples sessions are $140 for 60 minutes, plus $20 for each additional 10 minutes.