EMDR Therapy

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is an empirically-validated therapy that has been shown to improve a wide range of symptoms stemming from past traumatic experiences. EMDR uses bilateral stimulation (typically via eye movements) to support releasing the emotional hold that memories from the past have on the individual.  Memories are then "reprocessed", stored with new meaning that supports healthy adaptation in the present.

EMDR has shown to be effective for reducing symptoms of: 

  • anxiety, including generalized anxiety, social anxiety, specific phobias, panic disorder

  • post-trauma symptoms

  • eating disorders and body dysmorphia

  • depression

  • obsessive compulsive disorder

  • anger

  • dissociative disorders

EMDR can also be used to alleviate a broad range of other issues, including but not limited to:

  • low confidence and self-worth

  • fear of rejection and abandonment

  • 'people-pleasing'

  • emotional guardedness and avoidance of intimacy

What to Expect: EMDR treatment consists of weekly or biweekly sessions, and typically ranges from 6 to 15 sessions. For focussed EMDR therapy, there is typically two sessions of preparation before processing begins. Not all therapists are trained to provide EMDR treatment, and thus therapist availability may be limited. If you are interested in EMDR, please let us know when inquiring. 

Session Length & Cost: EMDR sessions typically range from 60 to 80 minutes. The cost per session is $140 for 60 minutes, plus $20 for each additional 10 minutes. There is a one-time treatment planning fee of $60. 

Want to learn more about EMDR?

Watch this intro video from the EMDR International Association