Am I Covered?

Do you direct bill to insurance companies? 

Unfortunately, we do not direct bill. 

My plan requires a licensed therapist. Are your therapists licensed? 

Yes, all of our therapists are licensed with a professional body in Manitoba.

Will my plan cover your services? 

  • Please check your insurance plan to determine if your therapist must have a specific designation in order to be covered. 

  • If your plan covers therapy with a licensed counsellor or therapist, a Marriage and Family Therapist (MMFT), or a Registered Social Worker, please let us know and we can match you with a therapist who will be covered by your plan. 

  • All of our therapists are covered by Manitoba Blue Cross.

  • Some of our therapists are registered with other insurance providers, including SunLife and Medavie Blue Cross.

Still not sure if you're covered?

email and we can help at